The below is an overview of the stations feeding that are set up here. They are feeding with -X followed by a unique station ID. The table excludes anonymous feeders via -X only.

Stations will be shown on the map if data has been received in the last 24 hours. Without 3 months of activity the station will be automatically removed from the below.

ID Station Name ↑ Country City Created Last Data
1076AISGPSingaporeSingapore2024-04-171 days ago
1054AlarmpostenGermanyHalstenbek2024-04-09just now
1014Angyali-szigetHungaryRáckeve2024-03-171 days ago
1012at-reetBelgiumRumst2024-03-16just now
1011AU51GTMNetherlandsGrathem2024-03-16just now
1061Awaji-IS AMCJapanAwaji2024-04-10just now
1016B-KER_1United KingdomWigan2024-03-18just now
1048baldeneyGermanyEssen2024-04-07just now
1043Basel oneSwitzerlandBasel2024-04-07just now
1051Brest-mêmeFranceBrest2024-04-08just now