Displaying the latest 10 alerts. Alerts are triggered by status changes to 'SAR in Progress' or 'Aground' for ships and devices, or by any status changes for ships monitored in the watchlist.

Time Ship Alert Position News
2024-05-25 10:39:06 UTC 316015871 Status changed to AIS-SART activated-49.767574/-42.936619Search
2024-05-20 13:33:31 UTC DALI Status changed from Restricted manoeuverability to Moored39.256306/-76.550766Search
2024-05-20 13:01:17 UTC DALI Status changed from Aground to Restricted manoeuverability39.256306/-76.550766Search
2024-05-16 04:40:27 UTC TERUZUKI Status changed to AIS-SART activated35.314499/139.668823Search
2024-05-02 12:33:16 UTC ORNO KURIR Status changed to AIS-SART activated59.089214/18.413847Search
2024-04-28 10:09:11 UTC NORRSKAR Status changed to AIS-SART activated59.327988/18.077250Search
2024-04-24 02:03:13 UTC RUTH Status changed to AIS-SART activated51.934929/7.637888Search