The below is an overview of the stations feeding that are set up here. The table excludes anonymous feeders.

Stations will be shown on the map if data has been received in the last 24 hours. Without 3 months of activity the station will be automatically removed from the below.

IDStation NameCountryCityCreatedLast DataUDP
1357RichieHHElfeGermanyBrodau2024-07-17just now
1356Pal_CalSpainCalonge2024-07-1614 hours ago
1355Lake BluffUnited States of AmericaLake Bluff, IL2024-07-16just now
1353VK3YMMLAustraliaMelbourne2024-07-14just now
1352Fenwick Island DEUnited States of AmericaFenwick Island2024-07-13just now
1351TyresöSwedenTyresö2024-07-13just now
1350shoeburynessUnited KingdomSouthend-on-Sea2024-07-13just now
1347Island42New ZealandNelson2024-07-1311 minutes ago
1346Studenyi OvragRussiaSamara2024-07-12just now
1345Submarine cable monitoringIndonesiaKuala tungkal tanjung jabung barat2024-07-11just now