The below is an overview of the stations feeding that are set up here. The table excludes anonymous feeders.

Stations will be shown on the map if data has been received in the last 24 hours. Without 3 months of activity the station will be automatically removed from the below.

IDStation NameCountryCityCreated ↓Last DataUDP
1194Pickwick_DamUnited States of AmericaPickwick2024-05-24just now
1193savannah_tnUnited States of AmericaSavannah2024-05-24just now
11925TEK AlbanyAustraliaAlbany2024-05-24just nowYes
11915TEK SPAustraliaPerth2024-05-24just nowYes
1190RadarMaarssenNetherlandsMaarssen2024-05-23just nowYes
1188Seattle Capitol HillUnited States of AmericaSeattle2024-05-23just now
1186LFRT2FrancePLOUEZEC2024-05-22just now
1181Lemolo, PoulsboUnited States of AmericaPoulsbo, WA2024-05-21just now
1179UphollandUnited KingdomUpholland2024-05-21just nowYes
1178Revriad BreizhFranceBrest2024-05-21just now