The below is an overview of the stations feeding that are set up here. The table excludes anonymous feeders.

Stations will be shown on the map if data has been received in the last 24 hours. Without 3 months of activity the station will be automatically removed from the below.

IDStation NameCountryCityCreated ↓Last DataUDP
1260HankeysUnited States of AmericaCovington2024-06-152 days ago
1259KreddUnited States of Americahuntington station2024-06-151 days agoYes
1257WTCETATaiwanNew Taipei City2024-06-143 days ago
1256Skipper__koldingDenmarkKolding2024-06-143 days ago
1254RAFIKIAustraliaLake Macquarie2024-06-134 days ago
1253Skipper_KoldingDenmarkKolding2024-06-125 days ago
1251PossitUnited KingdomPortishead2024-06-125 days ago
1250sascha_magdeburgGermanymagdeburg2024-06-125 days ago
1248Gatech3United States of AmericaAtlanta2024-06-116 days ago
1247Gatech2United States of AmericaAtlanta2024-06-116 days ago